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67th Anniversary of Live Racing - June 12th through September 5th


The Ultimate Vacation

$enior $lots $ocial - Every Monday in August!

Beach Mania Plinko - Fridays in August!

Sizzlin' Hot Prize Wheel - Saturdays in August!

August Entertainment Schedule

August & September Racing Schedule

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Double Bonus Labor Day

Sunday, September 11th - Grandfathers Day!

Double Double Dice Fridays & Saturdays

$enior $lots $ocial

Cheers for 5 Years

4th Annual Double Down Wine & Beer Festival




Jackpot Bonus
Sweepstakes 2016

June 4th through
September 1st, 2016

Winning a jackpot on the Slots could earn you an entry into the Jackpot Bonus Sweepstakes!  On specified drawing days, qualified players will need to bring their entries in and deposit the ticket(s) into a specified drum.  Entry form must be filled out completely or it’s voidEntry may be deposited up until the last drawing at 11 PM.

Drawings will take place at 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM & 11 PM:

*At each Drawing time, winner will have a choice of $1,000 cash or $1,500 slot dollars.

1 - $1000 (Cash) or $1,500 (Slot Dollars) winner at 7:00PM
1 - $1000 (Cash) or $1,500 (Slot Dollars) winner at 8:00 PM
1 - $1000 (Cash) or $1,500 (Slot Dollars) winner at 9:00 PM
1 - $1000 (Cash) or $1,500 (Slot Dollars) winner at 10:00 PM
3 - $1000 (Cash) or $1,500 (Slot Dollars) winners at 11:00 PM

The current qualifying period is June 4th through September 1st, 2016 drawing on September 2nd. Please stop by the Player Rewards Club for additional information.  Limit one prize per person, per eligibility day.  Be sure to have your valid ID ready.

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